The No. 9 Most Affordable Housing Market: Gilbert, Arizona

The town motto is ‘Gilbert: Clean, safe, vibrant,’ so they’re clearly on to something.

With its multitude of nature activities, tempting restaurants and other amenities, Gilbert, Arizona just might be the unsung hero of the southwestern United States.

Yes, there are excessive heat warnings from time to time, but after the Polar Vortex of 2019, here at Chicago-based ESTATENVY we’re thinking “Meh, bring on the sunscreen!”
Located about a half-hour drive to the southeast of Phoenix, Gilbert has a population of just over 248,000 and a median income of $87,566, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. The town motto is “Gilbert: Clean, safe, vibrant,” and it’s pretty clear why. A Neighborhood Scout report says Gilbert is safer than 47% of U.S. cities.
“Gilbert has many great neighborhoods, a respected police department and city services, and some amazing restaurants, an ice skating rink in the desert and a very respected and awarded school district,” Klaus Team Real Estate Solutions Vice President and Associate Broker Scott Kooiman said in an email.
Now for the houses.
As of August 2019, Redfin lists the average home price in Gilbert as $355,000 and gives the city a competitive score of 75%. Homes usually receive one offer and sell about 1% below the list price, according to Redfin. Trulia lists several homes with at least two bedrooms under $300,000.
If you’re willing to spend more than that, though, Gilbert has plenty of lovely options. Zillow, for example, lists this four-bedroom, two-bathroom house, which is complete with a pool, for just under $370,000. If you want to go even less expensive, Trulia lists this four-bedroom, 2-and-a-half-bathroom house for $298,000. Even lower, at $259,000, is a four-bedroom, three-bathroom house, also listed on Trulia.
The town’s affordability has to do with its location, according to Kooiman, who cited the neighborhoods of Adora Trails, Lyons Gate, Morrison Ranch, Seville and Val Vista Lakes as being especially popular places to live.
“Gilbert is in the East Valley, which for those working in Phoenix or Scottsdale causes a commute, and thus housing is lower than closer locations in Phoenix and Scottsdale,” Kooiman said in an email. “However, Gilbert has just about every amenity people need to live a great life!”
These amenities include proximity to the Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport, as well as to natural wonders such as the South Mountain Park and Preserve and the Tonto National Forest, both of which are about a half-hour drive away from Gilbert.
Even with all of its amenities, Gilbert still has “a hometown feel,” according to Kooiman.
Gilbert also has “tons of history, and some areas of history that have been updated to be very popular today,” Kooiman said, citing, in particular, the town’s Heritage District as having “amazing restaurants” and a vibrant nightlife “with modern buildings amidst repurposed old buildings in the shadow of the iconic Gilbert Water Tower.”
Other fun things to do in Gilbert include the Hale Theatre and Veterans Oasis Park, Kooiman said.
With its budget-friendly housing prices, proximity to major amenities and natural wonders, plus a fun downtown, Gilbert, Arizona is clearly worth a try!