This Dallas Megamansion Has a Backyard Waterpark Haunted by Animatronic Mummies

The Texas residence is half French elegance, half outrageous wet ‘n’ wild party zone.

It may be hard to imagine what it would be like to plunge from a spiraling water slide into your very own backyard waterpark pool. But what if you zip lined into it?

This fantasy is reality for the residents of this Dallas, Texas megamansion. They’re probably floating down their private lazy river as we speak.

That’s right, it’s taken. Sorry. The home was put on the market in 2016 at $32 million, then marked down to a smooth $28 million in 2017. The home’s listing was removed by Zillow in December 2018, ostensibly sold for $23,950 million.

To make sense of how such a beautiful monstrosity came into existence, you should know that the residence is actually two next-door mansions Frankensteined into one 4.3-acre, lavish paradise. Architect Robbie Fusch, the mind behind several of Dallas’ most elaborate estates, aimed to capture the flourishes of France in the original live-in mansion through ornate chandeliers and guiding, gold-laced fireplaces and four-poster beds galore. The home is so ornately formal, in fact, that an Apple desktop computer in one photo looks a bit like a time-traveling apparition.

In the end, eight bedrooms and 17 and a half bathrooms were built into the 37,000 sprawling square feet of living space. You may be wondering why one home—even a megamansion—would need 17 and a half bathrooms. We believe it’s something to do with the extensive entertainment features and party-goers that must constantly come around seeking a good time. How many friend requests do you think these people receive every day?

Starting in 2003, that second “bonus” home was transformed into a highly entertaining party pad we’re dubbing “Da Hang Zone 4 Real.” It is now a one-stop-shop for summer break dreams realized, with a padded gymnastics room, multiple game rooms, a bowling alley and a full-sized basketball court donned with party-lights and overlooked by a DJ booth to pump up the Jock Jams. There’s also a 10-car garage. Invite whoever you want, sweetie.

Most importantly, though, is the outdoor entertainment area. Curbed said it best: “This is truly the mullet of mansions: business in the front (more or less), and definitely one hundred percent party in the back.”

The private backyard waterpark, which was estimated to cost $10 million—over half of the home’s current estimated value—includes three massive water slides that spout into an elaborate 750,000-gallon pool. CNBC writes that the wide lazy river winds into a cave filled with animatronic “skeletons, mummies, bats and other creatures of the night” that wail “haunting screams that echo off the rock walls.” As if the time-traveling computer wasn’t creepy enough.

For those that prefer melting away stress over getting wet ‘n’ spooked, the backyard hosts an additional resort-style pool behind the main house. Finally, some peace and quiet. The entire backyard area is built to mimic a Caribbean resort, with palm trees and cabanas throughout and a swim-up bar. Guests ready to work up a sweat can hit up multiple tennis courts or an in-ground trampoline that shirks conventions and challenges gravity to do its worst.

If you’re bored in this home, you’re doing something wrong. Invite us over and we’ll spitball some ideas.