Indoor Entertainment is Taken Quite Seriously in These Homes

Because who WOULDN’T want a home movie theater?

There is an art to entertaining. They say that one of the major signs of a good host or hostess is that everyone feels comfortable and cared for. Guests don’t ask for much more beyond a welcoming attitude, good food and plenty to drink.

That said, some people take indoor entertaining to a whole new level. Rapper Lil Wayne, for example, might be outdoing us all.

A November 2018 Architectural Digest report posted photos of the rapper’s Miami Beach home, which includes a gorgeous indoor movie theater. Complete with dark walls, inviting sofas and a very luxurious-looking rug, this is definitely a place in which to indulge in some major binge-watching. Sign us all up, please!

Also in on the whole Super Duper Awesome Indoor Movie Theater game is DJ Khaled. A September 2018 Architectural Digest article that profiled his Miami Beach home showed a beautiful indoor movie theater complete with lounge chairs. Indeed, we’re wondering how the photographer managed to get a shot of the movie theater without any people in it. We certainly wouldn’t budge!

Of course, there’s more to indoor home entertainment than an indoor movie theater.

A February 2017 Elle Decor article featured actress Selena Gomez’s Fort Worth, Texas mansion, which is complete with a red room… of fun! Said room included bar stools and a red pool table, both of which are perfect for keeping friends and other visitors happy.

And heck, it’s entertaining just to look at certain home interiors! Take director Baz Luhrmann’s New York City townhouse, for example, which was featured in Elle Decor in November 2018. With its uniquely-decorated rooms, many of which feature some pretty extravagant wallpapers, the entire space is truly a feast for the eyes, just like his films. Oh, there’s also an exquisite powder room. Indeed, guests may never want to leave. They might even drool in appreciation for all of the beauty that surrounds them. Or maybe that’s just us.

Of course, extravagant indoor entertainment spaces are not limited to the rich and famous. Take this Three Lakes, Wisconsin house featured on Zillow, for example. Not only is it located on some prime—and pristine—real estate, but it also features quite the long, luxurious indoor swimming pool. If you have any day or overnight guests who are really into fitness, a workout in this pool will keep them entertained for quite some time.

And speaking of lap pools, major kudos to celebrity power couple Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen. (You might have heard of them. He plays football. She models. You know, those kinds of things.) A February 2017 Forbes article that featured the various homes they’ve owned included a photo of an 82-foot-long indoor lap pool. Whether residents and guests use this pool for fun or for workouts, there’s no doubt that having plenty of room helps!

Whether you’re the hostess with the mostest and can afford to make some major splurges or you reside in more humble dwellings, these photos are bound to give you ideas on how to keep your friends and family entertained!