Wrightsville Beach Vacation House Provides Peaceful Getaway

It has its own pathway to the beach. Enough said.

Pop culture fanatics know that Wilmington, North Carolina is a movie and television-filming hotspot, and for good reason.

The city itself is gorgeous with some truly lovely architecture, and its seaside placement means there are plenty of opportunities to find stunning views of the Atlantic Ocean, the Cape Fear River and more. The true gems, though, are the beaches, with Wrightsville Beach and Carolina Beach as just two of the standouts.

No wonder Dawson and Joey and the rest of the “Dawson’s Creek” cast cried all the time—the beautiful scenery just incited so much emotion!

Such beauty does have a flipside, though.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the population estimate for Wilmington as of July 2017 is 119,045, but that number isn’t fooling anyone. The truth is that Wilmington is a summer haven and hotspot, with tourists of all ages clamoring for precious beach space during those warmer months. And why wouldn’t the masses want to go to Wilmington? This seaside city is a perfect example of relaxed charm with its relatively slow pace, beautiful views, and dining and entertainment options.

So yes, Wilmington might be a tad crowded at times, but that’s no reason to stay away, especially when there are so many gorgeous homes on the market.

Here at ESTATENVY, we’re especially drooling over 915 Lumina Avenue South. Located on Wrightsville Beach with its own direct pathway to the water, this beachfront property is listed at the time of publication for sale on Zillow for $5,250,000. That’s not chump change, to be sure, but photos show that whoever buys this gem will clearly get their money’s worth.

“With unobstructed ocean views from the Crystal Pier to Masonboro Island, this sought-after location overlooks the protected deep water Masonboro Inlet to the east and beautiful sunsets over the sound front waters of Wrightsville Beach to the west,” the listing states.

At 5,570 square feet with four bedrooms and six bathrooms and a six-car garage, this house was clearly, absolutely, 100% made for summer fun. The bedroom-bathroom ratio will all but ensure that while your guests can stick around all day and wash the beach off before dinner, only a chosen few will be able to spend the night.

There are also three gas fire pits and a six-person hot tub with ocean views, which means that if you opt to rent out this house for part of the year, that really shouldn’t be a problem at all.

Now for the indoors.

Think wide and open spaces throughout, with plenty of room to offer different dining and seating options. (Oh, the porches also offer such opportunities!) There’s even a beautiful bar area for when you have more adult company. The kitchen alone is drool-worthy, with clean, modern finishings and marble throughout, and no matter which room you’re in, there are plenty of opportunities for natural light and/or water views. A huge basement will ensure that your outdoor gear will remain safe inside—and not block or muck up your cleaner, fancier areas.

A gorgeous and inviting beachfront property that offers both privacy AND plenty of room for family and friends? Yes, please!