7 DIY Home Improvement Projects for Beginners

Because not everyone is Martha Stewart.

So you want to improve your house but DIY is not exactly your thing - at least not yet - and that’s totally fine. Experts agree that starting small might be the way to go.

“Learn as much as you can from articles and videos, and try to start with a small project first!” Ananda Yankellow of the home and garden DIY blog A Piece of Rainbow wrote in an email.

Also, be prepared to mess up once in a while.

“Go for it!” Brittany Bailey of the DIY home project blog Pretty Handy Girl wrote in an email. “Do your research, ask questions, and be prepared to learn from your mistakes (if you make any).”

That being said, leave the heavy duty stuff to the professionals.

“Removing load bearing or structural components, adding new plumbing or wiring, or removing dangerous toxins like asbestos or black mold should be left to the professionals,” Bailey said in an email.

Yankellow echoes the sentiment.

“Avoid changing anything that requires a lot of professional experience, such as electrical, plumbing, or anything structural,” she wrote in an email.

Without further ado, here are seven DIY home improvement project ideas for beginners.

Create an indoor garden

You can interpret the word “garden” as loosely as you like. It doesn’t have to be a straight-up box garden with dirt. Instead, you can create a green space inside of your house that will liven up your home. You can do this with plants, flowers and even herbs. The website Homesteading has an easy DIY hanging herb garden post.

The Lana Red Studio has a fabulous idea on making a DIY wall planter.

You can also just put potted plants in a particular space and color coordinate the pots for a more stylish, uniform look. These photos from Honestly WTF are a terrific inspirational starting point.

Paint - and then paint some more!

“Painting walls and cabinets are relatively easy projects beginners can do to update the look of a space quickly,” Yankellow said in an email.

And preparation is key.

“As long as you prepare the surface (and use the correct paint), you can paint almost anything!,” Bailey said in an email. “Eighty percent of a good paint job happens in the preparation.”

Replace dated knobs

Replacing door knobs and deadbolts is a great way to update cabinets and doors, according to Bailey.

“Whether it's cabinet knobs or door knobs, replacing them is an easy project,” Bailey said in an email. “Did you know you don't have to hire a locksmith when you move into a new house? Just replace the handles yourself.”

Whittle away

Woodworking projects are a great way to try something new, and maybe even create something useful for your home.

Family Handyman has suggestions on different woodworking projects that don’t look too painful, including ideas on making magazine storage containers, spice racks and coat and hat racks.

Change up your headboard

It’s not as difficult as it sounds! You can do anything from painting an old door, as suggested by the blog My So Cal’d Life, or just straight-up building one using wood, as suggested by Five O Eight Co.

Of course, there are many ways to create a headboard - or the illusion of one. Architectural Digest has some creative ideas on how to create different types of headboards for your bed.

Go for the wallpaper

Granted, this can be quite tricky, so maybe consider limiting wallpaper to just one wall at first. The DIY Network has suggestions on choosing the right wallpaper material and tools to put it up.

And if you’re risk-averse and don’t want to try wallpaper, you can create a similar effect with removable fabric wallpaper. The website The Spruce, for example, has step-by-step instructions on putting up removable fabric wallpaper.

Create a bar

You don’t have to actually build an entire bar, although websites such as This Old House have step-by-step instructions on how to build one.

Instead, you can repurpose an old dresser and paint it, or even use an old library card catalog to stash unopened wine bottles. The website Hometalk has a tutorial on transforming an old dresser into a wine rack and serving bar, and the website Thrift Diving has a blog post on painting an old library card catalog.