Home Resolutions for the New Year: Things You Should Actually Follow Through On

2018 is the year to cross that project off your list that you have been putting off for years.

With each new year brings a time for reflection and often personal goal setting. But what if we did the same for our homes? What if we set goals and actually followed through to maintain and liven up our living spaces? Think about what you want to accomplish with your home this year and lay out your resolutions right next to your personal goals.

Here are six home resolutions you should seriously consider sticking to in 2018:

Home Repair & Maintenance. These are the unsexy projects no one looks forward to doing or spending their hard earned money on. But many homes go without maintenance for too long and when it comes time to sell, there’s a seemingly infinite list of things that need to be fixed or serviced. In 2018, resolve to actually get the roof checked and furnace and A/C serviced. As you start to eat better in the new year, resolve to treat your home better too.

Keep Your Home Feeling Light. You may not want to take on the minimalist mentality, but you can set a goal to not let stuff pile up all year long until spring cleaning season. Chicago interior designer Jaclyn Lash explains, “Don’t be afraid to replace old items for the new. While you shouldn’t continue to pile on, you can keep one cabinet for festive decor that can be easily found for next year. ‘Less is more’ is always the way the go.”

Make Your Home More Inviting. Redecorate your home with small projects this year. Move furniture so you have more of an open layout for when guests are over. Focus on the family room, living room and kitchen where you spend the most time. “Once hard work is done in the kitchen, then you’ll be ready to relax in the family room. If your home looks good, you will feel good,” said Lash.

Bring Your Home Into the Future. As 2018 rolls around, home technology and automation are becoming the norm. Matt Laricy, real estate broker at Americorp Real Estate, advises, “There are easy things you can do. Go green by getting a Nest system and quickly cut your energy costs. Change all of your electric plugs to USB outlets. Make your life more convenient with an Amazon Echo.”

Make Your Home Cozier. Since you spend a lot of time in your home, you want to feel comfortable and relaxed in it. Replacing old throws and blankets with new ones can really revitalize your home’s feel.

“I’m a huge believer that updating your home and environment can help you be successful in the new year—mind, body and soul. We all feel good with a new wardrobe or new home accessories,” said Lash.

Set a Budget & Start Small. Have you been wanting to update your kitchen or bathroom but never feel like you have the cash? Start a savings account now to remodel for next year. You can even start budgeting for the following year if you need to.

“My resolution would be to complete that one project I wanted to. Start small with the cabinets and then do the counter next year,” said Laricy.